Paul James Art

Paul James is a leading contemporary animal and landscape realist painter. His work is sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide.

Paul is an exceptionally gifted and uniquely different animal and landscape artist. Currently resident in Southern Ireland, he was born and grew up in Leicestershire. His artistic and musical abilities were apparent from childhood.

Essentially self-taught, he began painting professionally in 1986. It was the haunting beauty of the nearby Charnwood forest that greatly influenced his early atmospheric landscapes (a trade mark that continues on). Paul has become renowned for this together with his animal portraiture and has perfected a style of his own. The originality of his compositions along with the attention to detail means that his works take time and Paul dedicates himself to each piece with a passion rarely seen in today's commercial art world.

Paul insists on the freedom to paint the subjects he chooses which allows him creative flexibility. It is this freedom that keeps his work fresh and current. Although Paul continues to paint in fine detail he has recently given his pieces a more humorous edge, experimenting with perspective and size, thus creating a more contemporary feel.


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