Livestock Tags UK

Top Tags is a small, family run business based in the UK near Kelso in the Scottish Borders, with all Livestock Tags ordered, delivered straight to your door. Top Tags is a supplier of leading brands of animal identification, with a good relationship with Allflex, Shearwell and Roxan ID.

The company was established 15 years ago after foot and mouth, when we decided to give up full time farming and has slowly grown a loyal customer base country wide. We pride ourselves in giving a personal service and good, honest advice.

The Top Tags business continues to grow in the UK. It is still however, a family business, run from the family home with every customer spoken to personally. A mean feat with now over 200 customers!

We are dedicated to providing a good service to everyone, working hard to sort any problems and will answer any questions to the best of our ability. We will deal with the Livestock Tag companies so you don't have to, talking to people who know us and deal with us everyday.

Owner, Piers Holmes-Smith is originally from Rainow, a small village near Macclesfield in the Peak District. From a young age he was always interested in farming and went on to farm in the heart of the Peak District before moving to the Scottish Borders in 1989. Here he farmed a hill farm in the Cheviots where he stayed until 2002 when he moved to the local village and set up Top Tags, the small, family run animal identification business.

Popular Products

Free Replacement Cattle Tags from Shearwell and Roxan for the life of the animal

Other Replacement Cattle Tags, Price Negotiable for Larger Numbers

Shearwell Set Tags (EID and nonEID)

TagFaster AutoTagger (EID and nonEID)

Pedigree Tags (Bubblegum, Babe, Ovina)

Allflex Adamatic Sheep Tag Applicator

We can also supply EID software, recorders and readers.



Please contact Piers to Discuss your Livestock Tag requirements