H L Hutchinson Ltd

H L Hutchinson Ltd

It's our people that make the difference

Founded in 1938, Hutchinsons is one of the UK’s leading providers of agronomic advice and crop inputs. With a national team of over 200 advisors involved in the management of more than 1 million hectares of agricultural and horticultural crops; with a range of soil types, cropping and environmental objectives.

Sustainable, responsible and local expertise keeps our customers successful, competitive and profitable. Our customers are supported with strategic business aims as well as day-to-day crop management decisions. Continuing professional development and training ensures our technical service is comprehensive and up to date.

Our supply products include seed, fertiliser and packaging, as well as a national delivery service. Advice is completely independent and supported by an in-house R&D programme. Regional trial centre open days are an opportunity for farmers and growers to benefit directly from the findings on local conditions.

Hutchinsons long-term research projects consider future implications. The unique Helix Project evaluates technologies on-farm, at an expanding network of Helix Farms, alongside knowledge and practical advice. Wider farm impacts are considered such as soil health, rotation planning and carbon footprinting. Technologies approved by Helix are proven to support decision-making and add value to growers. There are five focus areas across Helix: data and sustainability, improving soils, optimising nutrition, genetic benefits and integrated crop management, which encompasses climate and environment.

The Helios Project explores how orchard design can be improved to increase light interception and therefore increase yields.

Omnia Precision is a revolutionary precision farming system that interprets existing information, whether this is digital or personal knowledge and experiences, to give practical and effective advice for improved productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Data layers visualise high and low performing areas and costs of production at a sub-field level, allowing variable rate seed, nutrition or crop protection plans to be created quickly and easily. 

TerraMap is a soil mapping and sampling service which enables grower and agronomist to make better informed decisions for crop management and soil stewardship. TerraMap is the world’s highest resolution mapping system with unprecedented accuracy. Data from TerraMap can be used to produce variable rate application for seed and crop nutrition. TerraMap is the UK’s first ever soil mapping service that is capable of measuring both active and organic carbon in the soil.

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H L Hutchinson Ltd
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PE13 2RN

T: 01945 461177

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Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 5.00pm

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