H L Hutchinson Ltd

H L Hutchinson Ltd

It's our people that make the difference

Hutchinsons are one of the leading national agricultural and horticultural input advice and supply companies, with a team of over 200 BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomists located throughout the UK. Continuing professional development and training ensures our technical service is comprehensive and up-to-date. Decisions are based on sound business principles, sustainability considerations, practical implementation and what is right for the individual. Our supply products include seed, fertiliser and packaging, as well as a national delivery service. Advice is completely independent and supported by an in-house R&D programme across a range of soil types, crops and inputs. Regional trial centre open days are an opportunity for farmers and growers to benefit directly from the findings on local conditions.

Hutchinsons long-term research projects consider future implications. The Helix Project trials and adapts new technology developments and innovations on a whole farm scale at the Helix Farm in Northamptonshire. Current project focuses at Helix include soil nutrition, the prediction of risk and justification of decision making, farm sustainability and modern plant breeding traits. Insights from these trials are used to inform crop management decisions and improve overall management of the farm and business. There’s also the ongoing Helios Project which explores how orchard design can be improved to increase light interception and therefore increase yields.

These technologies are managed through one central hub – Omnia Precision, the first whole field precision farming system to use Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis for seed and nutritional planning. Omnia uses advanced algorithms to calculate the optimum solution for each individual area within the field, irrespective of the number of map layers or different zone shapes. It can also analyse multiple years of yield maps, mapping the long-term performance of the field irrespective of crop. TerraMap, Omnia’s latest service is the world’s highest resolution mapping system, collecting over 800 points per hectare. It uses high-definition passive, gamma-ray technology to scan the soil and measure common nutrient properties, pH, soil texture, organic matter, CEC, elevation, plant available water and naturally emitted isotopes. There are very few limitations to when TerraMap can be used as it is not affected by soil moisture, compaction, crop cover or cultivation state.

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H L Hutchinson Ltd
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